Brittany and Kyle got married at Aberdeen Manor in Valparaiso!/Northwest Indidana/Chicago engagement/wedding photographer

So these two beautiful people got married in January!  On one of those days where to even go outside you thought your fingers were going to fall off!  Needless to say that we did not take any outside photographs!  I was starting to edit their photos and I realized that I have never shared their engagement photos of when it was really warm outside!  So I am sharing them now and a couple of wedding photos that I have come across while editing!

We started off by taking a few of them with their little boy!  He was about the cutest thing ever!


Anna and Jonathan/Northwest Indiana/Chicago maternity and family photographer

I love when it comes full circle!  Anna and Jonathan have been my favorites to photograph.  I love their style and friendliness!  I took their engagements and wedding and now their maternity and when their little on came home.  I have loved every minute of it and hope to capture their family memories for a lot of years to come! I absolutely adore their home and Jonathan is an auctioneer so they always have unique finds!


Here is the little one just a couple of days old and he is absolutely perfect!

Kayla and Jim got married! Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer/White Hawk Country Club

I love getting ready pictures and all the details.  I cannot get enough…. I spend some time making sure that everything is documented…a bride will have her pictures in 20 or 30 years but she won’t have her shoes, and her jewelry or her flowers.  So in this blog post I have on purpose put in a lot of the detail pictures and the bride getting ready and her portraits.  Kayla gave me a lot of time to capture this part of the day.  I absolutely love all the bridal portraits…but without scheduling this time during the day it can feel rushed…so with all my potential brides I make sure to help them schedule this time in their day and let them know that in their getting ready location one source of natural light can really make all the difference!

So Kayla and Jim got married at White Hawk West Country Club.  For a wedding in October I was so surprised how cold and windy it was.  It made outdoor picture taking almost impossible.  Of course they were willing to go outside but my main focus of the day is that you don’t feel miserable!

Kayla was such a beautiful bride that it was hard for me to stop taking her bridal portraits…


My second shooter Chris Zibutis from Christopher Z Photography did an amazing job on the boys getting ready pictures and did so many great dramatic pictures using lights.  Couldn’t have asked for anything better!

We then were off for the first look….which I love doing by the way!  It really just gives the bride and groom just a few moments to take it all in!

Some more portraits and some group shots!  Their bridal party was a hoot!

These next two shots were taking by Chris being so amazing when we couldn’t go outside!Again Chris!Then off to a beautiful ceremony and an amazing reception!

Kyle and Sarah are married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

Kyle and Sarah were married last October at Sand Creek Country Club and everything was beautiful.  Everywhere smiles were from ear to ear and just an excitement for the big day was finally here.  What a beautiful gathering of family and friends.  Of course it was cold….but everyone was willing to go outside for a bit and brave the weather and even ride around on the golf cart with the wind whipping in their faces.  I think this time I complained the most which is a first.  I didn’t like the wind on the golf cart so I might have screamed a little!  The bride and groom never made a peep!  The day went off without a hitch and the most relaxed wedding day ever!  I loved the colors that Sarah picked!  On a cold day they just made me smile!  Katrina and Stephanie were there to make it even a little bit more fun for me and as always Katrina takes beautiful pictures as my second shooter especially the first dance pictures…just beautiful!


We ventured outside for their first look and I think one of my favorites so far this year!

Then in for the ceremony and even that was filled with so many smiles and laughter!

Alyssa and Mathew are getting married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago engagement/wedding photographer

These two were such a dream to work with!  I don’t have a lot to say about them, because their pictures speak volumes!  They are perfect for each other!  I cannot wait for their wedding next September!


Jeff and Courtney got married!/Destination wedding photography

So in Northwest Indiana I was subjected and many others to the worst winter (I feel) of all time.  Even in May it was cold and the leaves on the trees had stayed in their little homes.  Then Katrina and I stepped off the plane into just stinking heaven.  I felt like the sun was closer to the earth warming everything and making it so bright that I could barely stand it.  I realize it was from living in one eternal frigid darkness for the last several months that I had come out of hibernation.  I took pictures of everything.  Every flower, tree, sun flare that I could get my hands on.  So Utah, thank you so much for welcoming us with such open warm arms.   The reason for our visit was the wedding of one of my favorite people.  Courtney!  My fearless assistant!  It was hard not to ask her to help me on her wedding day because I have come to depend on her so deeply.   I can barely function without her.  After many strong words and Katrina telling me “if I was nice to her she would help me!”  we muddled through the day!  By the way, Katrina, there was only one road into the place.  ONE ROAD!

So the first couple of pictures are just my happy to be here in the sunshine pictures.


Then began the most beautiful wedding ever!  And in the perfect place ever.  Sundance of all places.  My favorite place and my favorite actor’s little slice of heaven.  Have I ever told anyone the story of when I started chasing Robert Redford  in the airport? Anyway for another day!

Then we went out for the first look and lots and lots of pictures!

and the details…    oh my!

Then it was on to the ceremony!

Then on to the reception!

It was just a wonderful experience to be a small part of this wedding.  Everything was absolutely perfect!


Jake and Becky are getting married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

I am so happy that I met these two.  They were smiles from ear to ear!  So happy together, so easy to be around, so beautiful.  I cannot wait for their wedding next June.  I know it will be amazing and I am so honored to be a part of it!

I always love going to Chicago to shoot.  Makes my heart happy…



Dino and Stephanie are getting married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

I am absolutely in love with these two people…

I feel cool when I hang out with them.  Stephanie was my sons favorite teacher…

I love how they are together…





It just makes me happy.

Adam and Liz are married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

How do you put into words how much you enjoyed a wedding.  This couple is perfect and their wedding was so much fun!  No stress…they had it planned it so perfectly.  I wanted to share with them a little sneak peek of their day.  Again I could have posted a billion but these are my favorite so far!


A sneak peek of a very fun and loving wedding at County Line Orchard/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

So this summer has been so busy it is hard to wrap my brain around it.  My daughter is in the Netherlands for three weeks, my other boys are at scout camp so I am course am editing like crazy!  I am hoping to be all caught up soon!  Nothing feels better than to get images to my families or brides that they are waiting for.  I am also leaving on a vacation to California to drive Highway One and camp along the way!  I am beyond  excited!

Before I left I wanted to put up a sneak peek of this beautiful wedding!  So much fun and I loved being there!  I like always could have posted a million more picture.  Everything was perfect!


It was just a beautiful morning of crying and love.  What a wonderfully close family!  The wedding ceremony was beautiful as well in the church that they attend!

Then off to the orchard for pictures and the celebration!

Eric and Alexandra got married!/Northern Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

I have to tell you not everyone can pull off a short wedding dress and red lipstick on her wedding day.  Alex did….made me want to wear that dress and cut my hair short and wear really great lipstick.  I loved it.  This couple is perfect for each other.  Things on a wedding day can always be a little stressful no matter how much you have planned every detail.  But when this bride and groom were together all the stress went away and they were so happy together!  They got married at a catholic church in Hammond, Indiana and then we headed out to Tall Tree Arboretum to take pictures of the bridal party and it was the perfect day and the light was amazing and the surrounds just absolutely beautiful.  Then off to a reception at Duneland Falls in Portage, Indiana.  The timing was perfect, the bridal party was so much fun and with so much to laugh about.  I love this wedding and I am in love with the images…just perfect!

This wedding makes me love the song playing on the blog about how

We keep this love in a photograph

We make these memories for ourselves

Where our eyes are never closing

hearts are never broken

time is forever frozen…still



I am in love with her hair and everything about her!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago Senior portrait photography

This one got out of the car and I thought….wow!  She was smiling and comfortable in her own skin and just sparkling.

Of course it always takes a little while to get used to being in front of the camera but the first picture on this page is the first picture that I took of her…

So needless to say…amazing shoot.

I was obsessed with her hair.  I know she thought I was crazy when I just kept asking her how it was so healthy.  ”No heat” she said.  Well that takes me out of the running for gorgeous hair cause I can’t live without my straightener.

Sometimes when I meet these girls I can’t believe how confident they are.  I know I was not like that as a Senior….everything made me nervous….so uncomfortable in my own skin.

I just loved every minute of this shoot.  I also love when I get to take Stephanie with me to help me with sessions.  I love her energy, and how much she makes me smile.  So thank you Stephanie for coming out and your enthusiasm for photography.


Jennifer and Paul are getting married!/Northwest Indiana, Chicago wedding photographer

These two made me laugh.  Paul kept letting us know that he was uncomfortable in front of the camera and did not take good pictures.

That is not the truth.  I think everyone relaxes and then they both look amazing in pictures.

I love going to the city.  So many places to take pictures.  I love just walking around talking to the couple and getting to know them a little better.  Hopefully getting to know me a little better so they are put at ease on the day of their wedding.  Lets be honest….a couple spends a lot of time with me on their wedding day and I want them to like me!

So here are some of their engagement pictures…hard to choose which ones to share cause I loved them all.


Alison is perfect!/Northwest Indiana Senior portrait photographer

You would not have believed the mosquitoes on this day.  I actually had to have Courtney fan the mosquitoes away from me so I could get pictures.  Alison was a trooper…she was getting eaten alive, but would go “did you get the shot?”  I loved that!  They came up with a great place to take pictures and she is gorgeous so how could the images not be gorgeous!

Jack and Lindsay are married!/Northwest Indiana, Chicago wedding photographer/ At the Old Bag Factory in Southbend

I drove up to this house and instantly I fell in love and wanted to raise my kids here.  Courtney and I walked around to find a perfect place for the dress and it just got better as we went inside and around the backyard.  I could tell instantly a whole big life was here full of kids and experiences and love.  Lindsay is sweet and smart and just comfortable to be around.  Her family was amazing and I am glad I got to spend the morning with them taking pictures of the details of the wedding.  It was so sweet when her dad walked in the room to see her for the first time, and her bridesmaids were so involved in making sure that Lindsay felt loved and taken care of.

The rest of the day went the same.  The bridal party was the best.  No one let the rain stop them.  The details were perfect…We got ready at her home and then went to a local park to take the group picture and to do a first look.  I love when a bride and groom choose that option…it gives them just a moment to take it all in and just enjoy looking at each other and inevitably kissing!


This bridal party loved to get their picture taken!  I could have shared one million more!

Lauren and Kyle are married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer/County Line Orchard

I love to take picture of Lauren and Kyle.  They are perfect together.  Every wedding day is stressful at the beginning.  Worry about the rain, arrangements, making sure everyone is where they should be.  The moment these two saw each other…no more stress, no more concerns…just the best smiles, sweetest moments and genuine laughs.

We started off with family and friends in a local hotel getting ready and taking care of details.  Hair, final touches of makeup and then the dress.  It is so interesting how defining one dress becomes.  It symbolizes your style, how you feel about yourself…what you consider beautiful.  Everyone tells you how beautiful you look, and how perfect it fits…it was made for you.  I have always thought that one of the best moments of the day is when a bride puts on that dress.  I feel like it is that perfect moment when she feels the most beautiful and I like to make sure I never miss taking portraits right then and there.  With everyone standing around telling her how perfect she looks and how beautiful the pictures will be.  I just love it.  I wait for it, and it is the first pictures I look at when I get home.  Lauren was no exception…As always thank you Katrina Sebastian for second shooting.  Thank you for the beautiful images that you create..the hours of learning that we do together and for being an amazing friend.  (you know we are good friends when on a wedding day you can tell me to get my crap together and focus…we don’t have time for you to be distracted..) It is better to get to share this amazing journey of wedding photography with you.  Thank you Tammy for being an awesome assistant at this wedding.  It makes my day go so much smoother, when I can really depend on someone to be there.


We then left for County Line Orchard.  We had some time before the first look to take some truly beautiful portraits of the bride.  It is a dream come true when a bride and groom have enough time scheduled in the day to take a lot of pictures.  Also willing to trust me that to get those beautiful images..sometimes it takes time and patience and getting out of the car when I see the perfect spot!

After those portraits and some very beautiful rain that made the sky look amazing we had the bride and groom see each other for the first time.  These two needed no instruction.  They are natural and beautiful in front of the camera.  Their responses were so genuine…I hope they forgot that we were there.(I am sure they didn’t but by how natural they were it is hard to imagine that they didn’t)

Off to the apple orchard to find perfect spots to take bridesmaid and groomsmen pictures and amazing pictures of Kyle and Lauren.  It might be an overload but I do not really care, because I never tire of seeing them!

Oh how the two of them kill me.  I love how he holds her…I love the way she smiles at him.  I truly could have taken their pictures all day long.

Then it was time for the ceremony and reception! The ceremony was performed inside the orchard because of the rain…but it really didn’t stress these two out!

One of my favorites!/Northwest Indiana maternity photography

One of my favorite songs…by Ed Sheeran Wish I could have listened to this when I was pregnant…the beauty of it all

“You are my one and only, and you can wrap your fingers round my thumb…and hold me, tight..”

“You will be alright”




Andrew and Kristy are getting married!/Northwest Indiana wedding/engagement photographer

He is so tall!  I probably said that like 30 times and had to apologize continually! These two were so much fun to photograph.  Everyone feels so awkward at first and then after I usually make a fool of myself…everyone relaxes.  I loved how beautiful everything was.  The trees, the sky…what they chose to wear!  Everything was perfect!  These two are getting married next July and I really cannot wait!

Dan and Liz are getting married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding/engagment photographer

Dan and Liz are incredible!  They are getting married next September and I cannot wait.  I love September weddings!  Typically the weather is perfect and the leaves on the trees are perfect and people love to be outside!

We went to Tall Tree and that place never ceases to amaze me.  Around every corner is a beautiful setting! Thank you guys!  I had so much fun just spending time with you and getting to know you both a little better..why I love what I do!

That child!!!/Northwest Indiana family photographer

I will have to say that looking back over the years this family is definitely one of my favorite families to photograph.  I started with engagements then wedding, now family.  In between I have been a part of one of Jessica’s sisters engagement and wedding and recently another sister is getting married and I was able to take her engagement photos.  I love walking up and feeling like I know them!  I am completely comfortable…because the whole family is genuine and real…I love it!

Their wedding day!Jacyln (Jessica’s sister’s engagement)
Jacyln weddingmost recently cutest engagement session ever of another sister!Their son is to die for!  He made me laugh the entire time!

Abbey is graduating!/Northwest Indiana senior portrait photographer

Abbey was a dream to work with!  Her black hair and perfect skin made her so easy to photograph.  She is a Senior at Wheeler High School and we went to several places to get these beautiful images of her.  One of the places was in her back yard and  I completely fell in love!

Abbey wanted something different so we did something different on a couple of different images.  I love being creative like that!

I of course could not pick the images I wanted to share, it was too hard so I picked a lot! How could I leave them out?


Cole and Katie are married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

I wanted to give a little sneak peek to Katie as I am working on her photos!  I know it can be so annoying waiting!

What a fun, cold, windy wedding day!  These two beautiful people got married at Sand Creek Country Club in October.  I just kept hoping that the rain would stop and the wind would die down and things would get a little warmer.  They never did!  These two braved the cold!  I love them for that!

Katie was such a calm, low key bride…she made the day so easy and relaxed.  Her details and her gorgeous dress made me a little jealous!  They were stunning.

Just an amazing day and I am so honored to have been there to capture it!


M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o