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Toni + Justin Engagement

In just over a month, Toni and Justin will be tying the knot. They’ll make that jump from “engaged” to “married”–just one word, but it makes all the difference. It makes me so happy when two genuinely lovely people find one another. It’s almost as if the universe was just waiting for them to meet. I’m so excited to be there for their wedding day! Here’s the story of their sweet proposal…

Justin and I had been together for almost four years at the time. I was working in Walt Disney World for six months on their college program. My mom and my cousin Aimee were coming down to visit me in December for a girls trip. Justin had already visited me and I wasn’t supposed to get to see him again until my college program ended in January. We started our girls trip and had a few days of fun and then decided that we were going to have an adventure day in which we all went off on our own and tried something new and then we would come back together for a fancy dinner, we’d get all dressed up and tell each other about our day. Little did I know while I was on a solo adventure my mom and cousin Aimee were helping Justin who had just arrived in Florida get ready for his proposal. We went to our fancy “girls dinner” and the waitress brought me over a tray with a rose and a letter on it from Justin. When I was finished reading he tapped me on my shoulder and dropped to one knee. All I remember saying is “Well YEAH!” and we were engaged.”

So sweet!! Like I said, I can’t wait to be there!

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