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This post is way overdue, but I had to share with you the beauty of this wedding day. Stephanie & Pedro were married and had their reception at The Allure in LaPorte, Indiana. It was a day filled with so much love and so much happiness. You could tell just by standing next to them that Stephanie and Pedro had waited for this day for a long time. The joy they felt was absolutely contagious. There was so much care and effort put into the tiniest details throughout the day. It really made this wedding special. I was honored to be there.

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So I love this venue! The Red Barn Experience is so much fun and unique! I was so excited for this wedding because not only did I fall in love with Dan and Elizabeth at their engagement shoot but one of my former brides styled this gorgeous wedding. Lindsay Weik you did an amazing job on all the details! My favorites were the lights and branches hanging from the ceiling! I am going to be short on words because I want to get this sneak peek up and running for the bride and groom to see! You don’t need a lot of words when you see all the gorgeous! Thank you Stephanie for being an amazing second photographer and making me laugh through it all!


I was so excited to be a part of this wedding!  Two reasons…I really enjoy this family a lot and I was very excited to shoot at The Brick!

I was in love with Alyssa and Matthew’s engagement photos so I could not wait to get my camera on them for the wedding!

I loved every single detail of this wedding…the colors, the dresses, the flowers, and the centerpieces.

I really could have just died!

This will probably be picture overload…

I can’t help myself…

Matthew and Alyssa20150912_0675images_2804DSC_56826images_2842Matthew and Alyssa20150912_0461Matthew and Alyssa20150912_04033images_487Matthew and Alyssa20150912_151Matthew and Alyssa20150912_08831images_523images_521Matthew and Alyssa20150912_223images_527images_11629images_54319images_55224images_13726images_13422images_54720images_155Matthew and Alyssa20150912_286Matthew and Alyssa20150912_289images_570Matthew and Alyssa20150912_30317images_589images_59815images_19816images_61414images_20813images_20912images_2218images_35110images_23011images_340images_347images_618images_637images_643Matthew and Alyssa20150912_539images_403images_658Matthew and Alyssa20150912_553images_662images_664images_665images_669images_672images_438images_421images_420

I meet a lot of people…told so many names….I can’t keep it all in my brain…I embarrass myself all the time.  I know I have met people, looked at their faces…probably even photographed them…I am not supposed to remember everything….right?  I have four kids…I will admit mixing up when soccer practice is over and forgotten to pick up the dry cleaning a couple of times.  My kids are used to husband has even started to find it endearing…I love to be with people so I schedule diner or lunch and realize that I scheduled maybe three things already at the same time.  I have used the calendar on my phone…I bought a fancy planner hoping that it would help.  The problem is I have to actually look at it to stay on task…Big sigh….My fellow partner in crime Stephanie has offered to take on more responsibility so that I can do what I love to do…take photographs of people and the ones they love.  I want to take things off my plate so that the people I meet I never forget because we have had a true genuine connection.  I might not remember their name but I will never forget how I felt with them or them with me.

The one thing I remember for sure about Brittany is that I met with her and her sister at Black Bird Cafe in valparaiso, at a little table in the back and when I left I told my husband..who came with me…I could be friends with the two of them..real friends…I laughed so much, and it made me truly excited to be able to be a part of their day..I told Katrina that second shot this beautiful wedding….You are going to love them! Katrina is an amazing second photographer…thank you for always doing such a wonderful job.  I was not disappointed…the wedding day was full of love, connections and beautiful ladies and gentlemen!

Their wedding was at Signature Banquets in Lowell, Indiana.  Then we went to the perfect spot to take pictures of the bridal party and the beautiful bride and groom.  Brittany and Brendan your pictures are on their way..I hope you enjoy this little preview of your day!  Thank you again!

DSC_473625Brittany and Brendan11DSC_1222Brittany and Brendan8Brittany and Brendan9Brittany and Brendan67Brittany and Brendan23Brittany and BrendanBrittany and BrendanBrittany and Brendan10I want to say something about the following picture.   Before everyone walks down the aisle I say please look up and look at me or smile at the people around you…I think everyone is afraid of falling or making a stupid face…but this bridesmaid nailed it!!!!  Such a gorgeous smile…she might not have been smiling at me…maybe someone behind me but it makes all the difference in the world!  I loved it!

Brittany and BrendanBrittany and BrendanBrittany and Brendan22Brittany and BrendanFX3A7147FX3A7238FX3A7232Brittany and Brendan99Brittany and BrendanDSC_5169DSC_5077FX3A7222FX3A7212FX3A7208DSC_5022Brittany and Brendan4DSC_51171FX3A73503DSC_51065FX3A73392DSC_5155Brittany and BrendanFX3A7380DSC_5122DSC_5160Brittany and BrendanBrittany and Brendan29FX3A7456FX3A7469102FX3A7485FX3A7547Brittany and BrendanFX3A7586

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