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I love when spring is here…

I love when wedding season begins…

because each year my amazement for the power of love is renewed.

I get to watch from the very beginning the start of a family and a glimpse of what they will become.

I love to see how a groom will take as many pictures as the bride wants because he knows how important it is to her.

I watch as he places his hand on her back to guide her as they walk, or carries her dress to keep it from getting ruined.

I also watch as the bride looks to him with all the confidence in the world that he is there for her and when she looks up at him she knows everything will be just fine.

I love when the father and the mother cry….

because I know one day I will be there watching my children get married to the people that fill their hearts….

They have created something special…

their child is grown and starting adventures and a family of their own and it is so very tender.

Erik and Rachel got married this April and have now officially begun their life together..

Their wedding receptions was held at Maggiano’s restaurant in Oakbrook, Illinois.

I don’t think the food could have been any more delicious!  Rachel is the sister of one of my brides from two years ago so I felt right at home knowing how much I already loved being around this family.

These are just a few of my favorite images from the day!  I loved everything about it!  Rachel was stunning and Erik was dignified!

Maggianos wedding photos dress and earringsmaggianos wedding photos bride getting readymagginanos wedding photos bride getting readyMaggianos wedding photos bride getting readyMaggianos wedding photos mother cryingMaggianos wedding photos bride getting readyMaggianos wedding photos bride hugging fatherMaggianos wedding photos brides flowers and ringMaggianos wedding photos bridal portraitsMaggianos wedding photos bridal portraitsMaggianos wedding photos bride walking down ailseMaggianos wedding photos mother hugging brideMaggianos wedding photos bride greeting priestMaggianos wedding photos wedding ceremonyMaggianos wedding photos wedding ceremony19IMG_433916IMG_4349IMG_4359IMG_4375DSC_23702IMG_44589IMG_445613IMG_449414IMG_450315IMG_4515IMG_44817IMG_4526IMG_4451IMG_4473DSC_2526812DSC_2705IMG_4570DSC_286165IMG_4666

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to post these pictures.  I love them!  I love this adorable couple!  I cannot wait for their wedding in June!

Diana and Anthony are getting married at Aberdeen Manor in Valparaiso, Indiana.  I love weddings at Aberdeen…I might be biased because it is around the corner from where I live!  That really helps!  I also love weddings in the garden.  It is just a great location!

These two on their engagement picture day were just perfect!  Her makeup was perfect by the way…I can’t get enough of it. I loved the motorcycle and the little bit of edge it brought out to Hamstra gardens where we took their engagements.  Of course I love it there.  With the backdrop of the gardens and the easy feel these two had between them…made my afternoon a piece of cake!

4Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_3732Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_471Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens9Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_28Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_305Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_296Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_207I am just so excited for June!

Adam and Olivia are getting married in a little under two months.  I have to say I cannot wait!  They have picked a perfect location in the Patrick Haley Mansion for a spring wedding.  I had the privilege of shooting their engagement photos back in the summer and these two needless to say are perfect for one another.  I like when a couple is comfortable in each others arms, like it is where they belong. You will see why I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!

Thank you the two of you for being so amazing to work with.  We loved every single minute of it.  Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer,  I cannot wait!

So these two beautiful people got married in January!  On one of those days where to even go outside you thought your fingers were going to fall off!  Needless to say that we did not take any outside photographs!  I was starting to edit their photos and I realized that I have never shared their engagement photos of when it was really warm outside!  So I am sharing them now and a couple of wedding photos that I have come across while editing!

We started off by taking a few of them with their little boy!  He was about the cutest thing ever!


I love when it comes full circle!  Anna and Jonathan have been my favorites to photograph.  I love their style and friendliness!  I took their engagements and wedding and now their maternity and when their little on came home.  I have loved every minute of it and hope to capture their family memories for a lot of years to come! I absolutely adore their home and Jonathan is an auctioneer so they always have unique finds!


Here is the little one just a couple of days old and he is absolutely perfect!

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