Sydney….no words…/Northwest Indiana senior portrait photographer

So I met Sydney first the day of the shoot!  I did a little clap in my head when I saw the red hair!  I knew with all the blooms and the green trees it was going to look amazing.  She was an absolute natural!


Beautiful weddings all around!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

Just a little sneak peek of this beautiful wedding a couple of weeks ago!


Jeff and Courtney/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

“His fingers brushed the tears, gently from her face.  she looked up with surprise and, for a moment, all the world was the way he saw her, and the knowing she was seen”~~Jesh de Rox

I have known Courtney for a long time.  She is my friend…I wouldn’t know what to do without her.  So when she met Jeff and they decided to get married I couldn’t have been more thrilled when they asked me to take their pictures for their wedding.  As I watch her start this new adventure I am reminded of all that she has been through in the last couple of years and I thought this poem I found by Jesh de Rox fits her life right now and all the love and joy she and Jeff have in front of them.

I am reminded

that everything here changes, nothing is constant but life itself,

and even that, in so many different forms no certain can be depended upon.

I am reminded

that moments, beautiful and painful, will be with me always,

rising and falling around me, waves crashing into each other, into me.

I am reminded

that love and joy both are decisions, and as much as a part of me waits for them,

the fact is: they both are waiting for me.

I am reminded

that I can’t choose how long the ones i love will be with me,

but I can choose how much i love them while they are.

I am reminded

that growing asks me to stay open, even in the face of trials that give me a thousand reasons to close.

especially then.

I am reminded

that I have seen greatness with my eyes, held it close in my hands,

and no sorrow ~ past, present or future~ can steal that from me, unless I let it.

I am reminded

that I have lived astonishing moments of true love, experienced the communion of genuine friendship,

that these experiences have given me a strength it is impossible to measure.

I am reminded

that this breath ~ for this one brief, perfect and unfinished moment ~ becomes mine.

it’s up to me what to do with it.

~~~Jesh de Rox~~~

I think Salvage One in Chicago, might be my new favorite place on earth right now.  I could not have picked a better place to take their engagements.

Devin and Mary are married/Northwest Indiana/chicago wedding photographer

I have decided the sun is my friend and the clouds and overcast are my worst enemy.  I love happy sunny wedding day pictures.  After a very long winter I decided to start blogging again with a wedding that happened in September of last year.  I am clearly behind.  I have made it a mission to blog the 13 weddings that I am behind and the many family and couple sessions that I have done.  So here goes.  Mary and Nelson were married on the most beautiful day ever.  Most beautiful couple ever.  Most beautiful engagement party.  How could I mess this up?  Then two people so in love and so comfortable with each other.  I loved the whole day…it didn’t seem like a moment of work.


Robert and Katie are getting married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

I took these photos last fall.  I decided to share these today because in them I can feel the sunshine and I need to be reminded of the green grass and warm sunshine.  Not only was the sun shining but the happiness from these two was contagious and I need that too.  They are getting married this August at The Lighthouse in Cedar Lake Indiana.  I just can’t wait!

Love is real…

real is love…


~John Lennon~


M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o