Jennifer and Paul are getting married!/Northwest Indiana, Chicago wedding photographer

These two made me laugh.  Paul kept letting us know that he was uncomfortable in front of the camera and did not take good pictures.

That is not the truth.  I think everyone relaxes and then they both look amazing in pictures.

I love going to the city.  So many places to take pictures.  I love just walking around talking to the couple and getting to know them a little better.  Hopefully getting to know me a little better so they are put at ease on the day of their wedding.  Lets be honest….a couple spends a lot of time with me on their wedding day and I want them to like me!

So here are some of their engagement pictures…hard to choose which ones to share cause I loved them all.


I am in love with her hair and everything about her!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago Senior portrait photography

This one got out of the car and I thought….wow!  She was smiling and comfortable in her own skin and just sparkling.

Of course it always takes a little while to get used to being in front of the camera but the first picture on this page is the first picture that I took of her…

So needless to say…amazing shoot.

I was obsessed with her hair.  I know she thought I was crazy when I just kept asking her how it was so healthy.  ”No heat” she said.  Well that takes me out of the running for gorgeous hair cause I can’t live without my straightener.

Sometimes when I meet these girls I can’t believe how confident they are.  I know I was not like that as a Senior….everything made me nervous….so uncomfortable in my own skin.

I just loved every minute of this shoot.  I also love when I get to take Stephanie with me to help me with sessions.  I love her energy, and how much she makes me smile.  So thank you Stephanie for coming out and your enthusiasm for photography.


Eric and Alexandra got married!/Northern Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

I have to tell you not everyone can pull off a short wedding dress and red lipstick on her wedding day.  Alex did….made me want to wear that dress and cut my hair short and wear really great lipstick.  I loved it.  This couple is perfect for each other.  Things on a wedding day can always be a little stressful no matter how much you have planned every detail.  But when this bride and groom were together all the stress went away and they were so happy together!  They got married at a catholic church in Hammond, Indiana and then we headed out to Tall Tree Arboretum to take pictures of the bridal party and it was the perfect day and the light was amazing and the surrounds just absolutely beautiful.  Then off to a reception at Duneland Falls in Portage, Indiana.  The timing was perfect, the bridal party was so much fun and with so much to laugh about.  I love this wedding and I am in love with the images…just perfect!

This wedding makes me love the song playing on the blog about how

We keep this love in a photograph

We make these memories for ourselves

Where our eyes are never closing

hearts are never broken

time is forever frozen…still



A sneak peek of a very fun and loving wedding at County Line Orchard/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

So this summer has been so busy it is hard to wrap my brain around it.  My daughter is in the Netherlands for three weeks, my other boys are at scout camp so I am course am editing like crazy!  I am hoping to be all caught up soon!  Nothing feels better than to get images to my families or brides that they are waiting for.  I am also leaving on a vacation to California to drive Highway One and camp along the way!  I am beyond  excited!

Before I left I wanted to put up a sneak peek of this beautiful wedding!  So much fun and I loved being there!  I like always could have posted a million more picture.  Everything was perfect!


It was just a beautiful morning of crying and love.  What a wonderfully close family!  The wedding ceremony was beautiful as well in the church that they attend!

Then off to the orchard for pictures and the celebration!

Adam and Liz are married!/Northwest Indiana/Chicago wedding photographer

How do you put into words how much you enjoyed a wedding.  This couple is perfect and their wedding was so much fun!  No stress…they had it planned it so perfectly.  I wanted to share with them a little sneak peek of their day.  Again I could have posted a billion but these are my favorite so far!


M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o