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Being a wedding photographer is this crazy roller coaster of a ride.  Some days it is so amazing and everything runs smoothly and everyone loves me..Then there are other days where I doubt my abilities and being a people pleaser desperately hope that I haven’t stressed anyone out and they love their photographs.  I don’t think there is a profession that you don’t have your really good days and really bad ones.

Well today is a wonderful day.  Today I feel like the brides and grooms that are on my calendar for 2016 are amazing.  I do a little happy dance when someone books me and I get the chance to document their day.

I love Adele’s new song..

I bought some new boots.

My little family and I are going on a little vacation to Brown County to do some zip lining…

These two are on the blog and I love their fall photos.  I mean my business name is Forever October Photography so needless to say I love October and all the colors and pumpkins that come with it.

Their wedding is next August at County Line Orchard and I don’t even care if it might be a little hot…that is how excited I am!


The day was perfect except for the wind..I take that back….the day was perfect, even the wind made magic happen.

I might have a slight crush on both of these two.  I couldn’t have asked for two more in love and perfect in front of the camera.

The fall light was golden and the changing breathe in the air made you want to sit and stay and lay on a blanket under the changing leaves.

I love going to Chicago.  The change of rythmn for me is inspiring.

Needless to say I love these!  I cannot wait to shoot this wedding!

Thank you for choosing me to be there and the chance to do this all over again…just with a magical dress!


I really do think the girls get a little more mature and gorgeous every year!  Victoria is no exception.  She has such a confidence that I never had at her age, I was still worried about who I sat by at lunch and if I was going to ever go out on a date…before I turned 90.  I loved her outfits and her eyes were spectacular.  I just love everything about this day….Look at her hair!  Amazing!


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