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This sneak peek is long overdue!  I hate that it takes me forever in my busy season to get beautiful weddings up on the blog.  Especially this one at County Line Orchard in Hobart, Indiana.  I kept thinking it was going to rain!  The rain held off and the day was absolutely beautiful.  Josh and Lisa were so relaxed and just seemed to soak in their day and the people around them.  It was filled with love and laughter!  We started the day off getting ready in the orchard and the couple decided to have a first look so they could spend a few minutes with each other.  I love this part of the day…especially for the bride and groom because it is like once all the pictures are done and they have seen each other all the stress melts away.  The ceremony was beautiful and full of tears!  The reception was amazing..all the little details were perfect!  I loved it all every minute of it!  As always my team was there..Katrina and Stephanie I always love shooting weddings with you!

8Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_4937Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_1589Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_165Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_5026Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_1955Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_19013Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_422Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_498Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_501Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_508Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_516Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_483Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_517Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_518Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_5141Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_564Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_5623Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_55314Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_53010Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_537Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_62Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_546Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_548124Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_349Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_35217Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_36916Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_420Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_423Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_442Josh and Lisa Reusnow wedding alubm_446

I can’t believe the day finally arrived for Megan and Craig’s wedding!  I was so excited because I had met Megan and her mother in law and they were so much fun!  Their wedding day was at Briar Ridge Country Club and it was perfect weather!

I think one of my favorite parts of the day was of course Megan and Craig…but Megan’s dad was the sweetest ever.  He was so emotional and you could just feel the love between these two.

The wedding day went off without a hitch and I had Katrina and Stephanie with me again to capture everything during the day.  On Monday two days after the wedding I got this email from Megan and I don’t think anything could have made my week more than this sweet thank you I received from her.  Words like this mean the world to me and my team because we truly love what we do.


I Just want to take a minute to say thank you! You and your two photographers did a beautiful job and we both felt so free and relaxed in front of you. That was a beautiful day and couldn’t expect more for the nice weather. I was so so touched by one of your photographers that she cried when she saw my dad cry before walking down the aisle. This is not only your job but I can see that you guys are truly passionate about it and enjoy every moment to help couples create their best memories years down the road. This is not an easy job but this is a blessing too. I am so glad that we got to work together and that we even forgot we hired you because you guys were like good old
friends of ours for a long time. I have tears in my eyes right now because I am overwhelmed by the joy from the Lord and so thankful that he provided you for us. We made the right decision. Thanks again for all the hard work you’ve done for us. Can’t wait to see the pictures and really, really hoping to work/see you soon. Last, please forward our best wishes to the rest of you, tell the other photographers that we love them and they did a great job.

Craig & Megan Dohman

This is just a little sneak peek for the couple.  Everything is just beautiful!

Craig and Megan wedding album_10825Craig and Megan wedding album_124Craig and Megan wedding album_4629Craig and Megan wedding album_283922Craig and Megan wedding album_8921Craig and Megan wedding album_14824Craig and Megan wedding album_5914Craig and Megan wedding album_497Craig and Megan wedding album_501Craig and Megan wedding album_41Craig and Megan wedding album_4311Craig and Megan wedding album_513Craig and Megan wedding album_508Craig and Megan wedding album_510Craig and Megan wedding album_218Craig and Megan wedding album_23720Craig and Megan wedding album_257Craig and Megan wedding album_9419Craig and Megan wedding album_533Craig and Megan wedding album_53017Craig and Megan wedding album_53218Craig and Megan wedding album_54015Craig and Megan wedding album_53813Craig and Megan wedding album_31412Craig and Megan wedding album_3387Craig and Megan wedding album_527Craig and Megan wedding album_316Briar Ridge country club portraits3Craig and Megan wedding album_5792Craig and Megan wedding album_5801Craig and Megan wedding album_54429Craig and Megan wedding album_369

From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.

~Marianne Williamson~

This picture that I posted first represents the whole day for me.  Take away the centerpieces and decorations…the dress, the shoes, the jewelry…even the beautiful Patrick Haley Mansion….and what you have is two people promising forever.  To start a marriage with prayer…to be alone with each other as you promise that the day will never come that either of you will be alone.  I was taken a back…I almost hated to take a photo…to disturb their communication with each other and God.  I thought these two are beautiful souls.  Their love is unique…and I am so honored to have been able to be the one to help them remember this day.  I hope that I did it justice..

Patrick Haley Mansion prayerThe day began as it always does getting ready…I have to admit this one of my favorite parts of the day is a bride getting ready…you will be able to tell that by the amount of pictures I post of it.  Olivia had such a soft beauty.  She chose two wedding dresses.  One to be able to see him before the wedding to get the pictures out of the way and one to surprise him as he walked down the aisle.  Adam and Olivia were married at the Patrick Haley Mansion.  This venue is stunning.  The light streaming in through the windows has to be my favorite part of it all!  I had Katrina Sebastian and Stephanie Rudakas with me to capture the day and I really do love this little team of mine.  I call it a team because we work side by side and we all know by now what the other is thinking! These images are pieces of all three of us.  I love it!  I am so grateful to the both of them…

patrick Haley Mansion makeupPatrick Haley Mansion getting readyPatrick Haley Mansion dress and makeupPatrick Haley Mansion getting ready29Adam and Olivia wedding album_16343Adam and Olivia wedding album_16530Adam and Olivia wedding album_18240Adam and Olivia wedding album_179Adam and Olivia wedding album_2294941After the getting ready we got together for the first look!  I don’t always suggest a first look but if you get married and your reception is at the same is almost necessary to do a first look so that you don’t stress yourself out completely!  Theirs was full of emotion and hugs and kisses…just perfect

Adam and Olivia wedding album_5420Adam and Olivia wedding album_23546Adam and Olivia wedding album_22033Adam and Olivia wedding album_249The rest of the day was filled with friends and family…so much joy!

Adam and Olivia wedding album_234Adam and Olivia wedding album_307Adam and Olivia wedding album_263Adam and Olivia wedding album_254Adam and Olivia wedding album_25725Adam and Olivia wedding album_27223Adam and Olivia wedding album_35222Adam and Olivia wedding album_27424Adam and Olivia wedding album_409The second wedding gown!

19Adam and Olivia wedding album_7121Adam and Olivia wedding album_245Adam and Olivia wedding album_41642Adam and Olivia wedding album_44750Adam and Olivia wedding album_45727Adam and Olivia wedding album_464Adam and Olivia wedding album_484Adam and Olivia wedding album_31244Adam and Olivia wedding album_465Adam and Olivia wedding album_479Adam and Olivia wedding album_489Adam and Olivia wedding album_490Adam and Olivia wedding album_50510214103Adam and Olivia wedding album_29811Adam and Olivia wedding album_60410Adam and Olivia wedding album_5698Adam and Olivia wedding album_608765Adam and Olivia wedding album_6943Adam and Olivia wedding album_6184Adam and Olivia wedding album_680Adam and Olivia wedding album_687Adam and Olivia wedding album_645Adam and Olivia wedding album_74512Amazing you two!  What an absolutely amazing day and night!

I love when spring is here…

I love when wedding season begins…

because each year my amazement for the power of love is renewed.

I get to watch from the very beginning the start of a family and a glimpse of what they will become.

I love to see how a groom will take as many pictures as the bride wants because he knows how important it is to her.

I watch as he places his hand on her back to guide her as they walk, or carries her dress to keep it from getting ruined.

I also watch as the bride looks to him with all the confidence in the world that he is there for her and when she looks up at him she knows everything will be just fine.

I love when the father and the mother cry….

because I know one day I will be there watching my children get married to the people that fill their hearts….

They have created something special…

their child is grown and starting adventures and a family of their own and it is so very tender.

Erik and Rachel got married this April and have now officially begun their life together..

Their wedding receptions was held at Maggiano’s restaurant in Oakbrook, Illinois.

I don’t think the food could have been any more delicious!  Rachel is the sister of one of my brides from two years ago so I felt right at home knowing how much I already loved being around this family.

These are just a few of my favorite images from the day!  I loved everything about it!  Rachel was stunning and Erik was dignified!

Maggianos wedding photos dress and earringsmaggianos wedding photos bride getting readymagginanos wedding photos bride getting readyMaggianos wedding photos bride getting readyMaggianos wedding photos mother cryingMaggianos wedding photos bride getting readyMaggianos wedding photos bride hugging fatherMaggianos wedding photos brides flowers and ringMaggianos wedding photos bridal portraitsMaggianos wedding photos bridal portraitsMaggianos wedding photos bride walking down ailseMaggianos wedding photos mother hugging brideMaggianos wedding photos bride greeting priestMaggianos wedding photos wedding ceremonyMaggianos wedding photos wedding ceremony19IMG_433916IMG_4349IMG_4359IMG_4375DSC_23702IMG_44589IMG_445613IMG_449414IMG_450315IMG_4515IMG_44817IMG_4526IMG_4451IMG_4473DSC_2526812DSC_2705IMG_4570DSC_286165IMG_4666

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to post these pictures.  I love them!  I love this adorable couple!  I cannot wait for their wedding in June!

Diana and Anthony are getting married at Aberdeen Manor in Valparaiso, Indiana.  I love weddings at Aberdeen…I might be biased because it is around the corner from where I live!  That really helps!  I also love weddings in the garden.  It is just a great location!

These two on their engagement picture day were just perfect!  Her makeup was perfect by the way…I can’t get enough of it. I loved the motorcycle and the little bit of edge it brought out to Hamstra gardens where we took their engagements.  Of course I love it there.  With the backdrop of the gardens and the easy feel these two had between them…made my afternoon a piece of cake!

4Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_3732Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_471Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens9Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_28Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_305Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_296Diana and Anthony engagements at Hamstra Gardens_207I am just so excited for June!

M o r e   i n f o